Since its foundation in 2013, Ivan Raster software lab implemented more than 50 interactive applications for museums, exhibitions and retail.
Since 2020 we are focused on digital archives.

Digital archive is not just a catalogue or a traditional photo album. Digital archive is an interactive story that is based on symbiotic relationship between time, location, events and people.

Unlike traditional catalogue that lacks direct connection between records and requires from a user knowledge of what and where to look for, the interactive story has a logical link between every photo (location, event or person) and dozens of other images (locations, events or people). Brought altogether in one place and logically following each other, they create exciting and insightful stories..

Digital archive is not a linear narrative but a vast network that reminds of futuristic cities or neural connections. Diving in the archive, every user can find his own route and his own unique narrative that is a part of a bigger story

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