We guarantee compliance with the most important requirements for preparing events - reliable installation, strict adherence to development schedules, the possibility to quickly update content and an individual application interface.

We have extensive experience of working with all major interactive technologies, including:

  • Multimedia presentations for touch screen terminals and screens.
  • 3D-configurators for touch screen terminals and video walls
  • Content management on video walls
  • Kinect games and effects
  • Sliders scanners
  • Generative content for panoramic screens and video walls
  • Individual interactive designs for stands
  • Games for advertising and sponsor zones at big events
  • Interactive shows
  • Fully customized projects tailored to a specific room, equipment and the main part of the exhibition, with integration into the exhibition management system and independent content management.

We design interactive objects based on practical experience - touch screen terminals, screens and games. We work with industrial designers and engineers.
We develop prototypes and technical documentation of large applications for multimedia museum exhibitions and advise on selecting equipment.
We develop working prototypes of games and programs for testing and subsequent transfer to mobile platforms and games consoles.

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